Software Simulation Audio/Video settings

I am using the latest AP 8.1.0 on a Windows 64 bit computer. For a software simulation where I am capturing the screen for a walk-through of an HTML 5 web-application using system sound (running on my computer in a local FF browser window), this app has some sections video/audio and some video with no audio. I noticed that once the audio stopped, no further video was captured. So, if no audio, no video capture. At first, I solved the problem by separately doing a video recording on the no-sound screens, then copied and pasted into the first (software simulation) capture project.

I think that I solved this: after further experimenting, instead of using software simulation, I used record video, which allowed me to record the app’s screen and sound completely.

BTW, recording quality (video and sound) is excellent.


In ActivePresenter, you can record screen as a video demonstration or software simulation.

When you click the Record Video button, it will record on-screen actions as a full-motion video.

Meanwhile, the Record Software Simulation feature helps you create a step-by-step software simulation that is intended to function as a test. It allows you to capture all actions on the screen and then convert them into a slide-based project including:

  • Image slides (mouse click, key stroke);

  • Video slides (mouse scroll, drag-n-drop).

These two features function differently. Please visit our tutorials to learn more:

Thank you Hang, for your very helpful reply and suggestions. I will view the tutorials to learn further.

Best Wishes,

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