Software error?

OS version : Windows10

ActivePresenter version : 8.1.1

I’m not sure when the software crashed, it crashed twice in the time I responded to the email.This makes my work impossible.

By the way, I have sent the project I am making to your mailbox, please check it out.
But the error does not only happen during the production of this project, it is random.

Please also share the log of ActivePresenter. To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.


Sorry, I didn’t find it, can you show me a picture?

Please see the steps in the following video:

If the log is long, you can save it to a file then email to us at


ActivePresenter.log (233.1 KB)

Thanks for sharing the log.
Can you please uncheck the “ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option then restart the program to see if it help?

Okay, I have set it up, if there is an error, I will reply under this topic.

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Hello, the software always crashes recently. I will share my log for you to check the problem. Please reply as soon as possible, thank you.
ActivePresenter.log (146.2 KB)


Did you see the crash dialog report? If yes, please fill information in that dialog. We will check and get back to you soon.


I have sent the report, please check.


We received the crash report and still finding what caused the crash. Could you tell us when/where the crash happens? We need more information to reproduce the problem.


This happens when I add Hanyu Pinyin in the text box.
Pinyin is a tone of Chinese language, for example: āáǎàōóǒòìǐíīèěéē

Can you please let us know what software did you use for inputting Chinese text? Does the problem happen when using Windows input method? Since we have no experience in Chinese, can please help us by describing in more detail (which keys to press) so we can reproduce the problem on our side and check?


Because of the particularity of Pinyin, we use “Sogou Input Method”, select “Pinyin Letters” in the “Soft Keyboard” to input, you can also try to copy the example I gave and insert it into the text.

Can you please provide a video for the steps to reproduce the problem. I checked as in the below video but could not reproduce it.


Entering Pinyin has a half chance of causing the software to crash, not every time.


We have tested with multiple machines but could not reproduce the problem. Can you please try updating the Sogou Input Method software to see if it helps? If you have multiple computers, please check if it happens on other ones or not.


thank you for your reply,
Yes, not every computer will have this problem. This problem only occurs on one computer. My colleagues and I did not know the reason, which prevented us from starting. We cannot record how the problem occurred because we cannot predict when the problem will occur. If this problem occurs again, I will send you a report. Besides, I can’t help it.

czejść ja mam tesz broblem jak odlicza do startu nagrywania to mi pokazuję błąt aktiwprezenter tam mam opcję kontyłuj i zapisz i ok nie zapoisuję nargania

Hi @Dominik,
Please see my answer in your topic: Relacje proszę pomoc mi - #2 by ToanLS