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Software error?

Hello there,
This month, in the process of using the software. It always flashes back, or the screen suddenly goes black, and then comes back on, there will be many error reports on the desktop. The software will automatically close afterwards. What is the problem? How can I avoid it? Attach a few pictures.

Please tell us some required information so that we can understand the circumstances:

  • OS version
  • ActivePresenter version
  • ActivePresenter log file

And when does the crash occur most?


OS version : Windows10

ActivePresenter version : 8.1.1

I’m not sure when the software crashed, it crashed twice in the time I responded to the email.This makes my work impossible.

By the way, I have sent the project I am making to your mailbox, please check it out.
But the error does not only happen during the production of this project, it is random.

Please also share the log of ActivePresenter. To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.


Sorry, I didn’t find it, can you show me a picture?

Please see the steps in the following video:

If the log is long, you can save it to a file then email to us at


ActivePresenter.log (233.1 KB)

Thanks for sharing the log.
Can you please uncheck the “ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option then restart the program to see if it help?

Okay, I have set it up, if there is an error, I will reply under this topic.

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