Small sliderbars

I want to use sliders in text that does not fit on my page but I find the sliders way to big. The use about 20% of the space I have in my text box. Can I make them smaller? And perhaps I can make the horizontal box disappear?

Hi Klaas,

To show only the vertical scrollbar, you can set Overflow to Auto instead of Scroll.
The size of the scrollbar depends on the browser.
Some browsers such as Chrome allow using CSS to customize the scrollbars:
To customize the scrollbars cross-browser, you need to use a JavaScript library such as


Hi ToanLS,

Thank you for the suggestions, the auto option is an easy way to improve this. The simplebar I had a short look into but for now that is too much trouble.
The default sliderbars in Saolo I think are a bit too massive but that’s just an opinion :wink: