Slow down playback speed with included objects

Is it possible to adapt the objects (Highlights/spots/…) accordingly to the changes of playback speed?
Everytime I’m changing the playback speed I have to adjust all the objects again.

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.3

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64Bit



ActivePresenter cannot do that automatically yet. You have to update the objects’ duration manually.

We’ll consider adding an option to do that automatically in future updates.


Actually, I think it could be an option “disable or able” auto adjust with slowdown. But always make objects related to the modification of the timeline for another object could be very annoying.
I would advise you to completely read your video and make your cut when it’s needed. Then, make your time (slowdown or pause) into your timeline, and the final moment, add your object.
It’s all a question of preparation.

I would like to know if in another version, we could have a real slowdown video option please ? I’m searching everywhere and what I only found is just the option to speed up the video or reste the speed. But no slowdown… sad.
Thank you for your answer.

Hi Geisi,
What do you mean that you cannot slow down video?
Did you see this tutorial:

All you need to do is to adjust the relative playback speed:

  • 100% means no change => normal speed
  • <100% means slowing down
  • >100% means speeding up


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