Slides missing in LM playback

Problem: I’ve exported my Project (8 slides) to HTML5, the Demo plays fine, but using the LM features in the Tutorial, Practice and Test playback, the following slide after selecting an action gets bypassed, I am not using the ‘eLearning Options’ in Reporting, as I found that there is no indexing file if I use scorm or API (even if I tick the ‘Generate Index Page’
Can anyone please help

ActivePresenter Version:7.2.5

OS: Windows 10



What is the action did you mention in “the following slide after selecting an action gets bypassed”?
If possible, you can send us a sample project, we will take a closer look.

About the index page, it is only available in HTML5 output without using LMS. There is no way to combine both of them.


After I click in the mouse field and a positive response shows then playback continues, but on to the following page the next one


It seems there is no slide navigation action in On Correct event of Mouse Click interaction. You should select the Mouse Click interaction, look for Event-Actions section in Properties then add Go Forward or Go to Slide action.


I will look at that and thank you in advance

I got it, The ‘On Correct’ event had two actions, one to continue presentation and, to go forward - 1 slide, therefore missing the next slide.
Many thanks again, namnt, have a great day.