Slides loading slowly during voice over

Problem: I have some slides that load very slowly while doing voiceovers. The result is voice but no picture until 15-20 seconds into the recording.

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Mac Catalina

Notes: I thought it could have been my computer was too warm, but that is not the case.

Good morning, Tony

As can be seen from your attached images, it takes time to load your slide with images.
This may cause if your slide includes images of a large size.
So, please check the images again and try reducing their size (Acess the View tab > Resources)
For detailed steps, kindly see this tutorial video: How to resize image and reduce its file size in ActivePresenter

If the issue still persists, kindly send your project with its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to our support email address:
We’ll further investigate it to give you better assistance.

Hope it helps.