Slide master view and multiple choice questions


I am trying to make a responsive project that can be used on multiple devices.

I am using the slide master to adjust the textscale for various screen sizes. For title and textboxes this works fine in my project. When I close the master view things change.

But I have also made a layout for a question (with a placeholder for a question). I have adjusted the textsizes to my wishes.

But when I close the master view there is no update of my existing question slides.
When I select the slides that I want to change and press layout… nothing happens

The problem is in the questions themself. I use MCQ a lot. The text properties of the answer options are not changed.

When I add a NEW slide the layout is correct…

Am I doing something wrong?

best regards


This feature is missing in ActivePresenter 7. We will update in ActivePresenter 8.

We are sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Nam,

Thanks for the email. Any idea when AP8 will be on the menu?

best Jan

Hi Jan,

ActivePresenter 8 is under the testing phase. I hope it will be available next month.


Hi Nam

That would be great.
Good luck with the testing!

best Jan

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