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Slide having a fixed horizontal navigation bar (at the bottom of the slide) while offering scrollable content

Problem: is it possible to create slide having one or two fixed horizontal navigation bars (at the bottom and top of the slide) while offering scrollable content?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.3

OS: MacOS 10.14.6

Notes: I am working on a responsive project, dedicated to tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS).
The horizontal menu bar will be positioned at the bottom of the smartphone or tablet. But it will be possible to have a second menu bar, also fixed, at the top of the screen.
The project will offer simple content: texts, photos, sounds, videos. But the layout will be complex from a typographical point of view. No exercise will be offered.
Most slides will incorporate complex layout content (multiple columns), with a layout height greater than that of a smartphone or tablet screen.
Is it possible to carry out this type of project with Active Presenter?
Thank you.


Yes, it is all possible with ActivePresenter. You should use the Flex Box feature in ActivePresenter.

I’ve attached a sample here. Please take a look.

ScollableContent.approj (420 KB)


Wow, great!
Many thanks for taking the time to give me this example, that’s exactly what I want to do. Really, thank you !