Size of files (GB range)

Hi, my course is 60 slides, and the appj file size is >2 GB. This is after I have deleted alll unusued resources. Is there a reason for this? I migrated over here from captivate, and while that software has its share of issues, the file sizes are usually < 200 MB for a course of same size. Any advice? Am i doing anything wrong?

Hi Kenny,

Maybe you use the lossless Flash Screen Video codec when recording video so the file size is large.
You can read the following tutorial to see which settings should be suitable for your needs and how to change them:

For your existing project, you must shrink it after deleting unused resources to reduce the file size: ActivePresenter > Project > Shrink…


HI Toan,

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. My presentation has no videos and my images are low quality
  2. All unused resource (image and audio clips) have already been removed. I believe this is the same as shrinking.

Any other suggestions?

No, they are technically different. Please try shrinking and let us know the result. Remember to check the option “Delete All Unused Resources” in the Shrink Project dialog before shrinking.


I found that by copying the active slides to a new blank file, it cut down the file size quite a bit.