Shuffle Rating Scale / Likert questions?

Is it possible to randomly shuffle the options in a rating scale?

No, it’s impossible for you to randomly shuffle the options in a rating scale.

When I said options I meant, Is it possible to shuffle the rows?
This is essential for many applications of this question.
Is there a JavaScript work around?

I’m sorry for not understanding what you really meant very well. Unfortunately, there isn’t any javascript workaround for this issue, either.

Can we convert this post into a feature request?


The Rating Scale question only supports Survey mode. So, we don’t think supporting shufffle is necessary. Can you please describe your use case in more detail?


Without the suffle mode in survey, it can bias the responses.

Which class would you like to attend?
Class 1 - Low, medium, high
Class 2 - Low, medium, high
Class 3 - Low, medium, high

Students are far more likely to click the first class. Being able to shuffle the rating/likert rows is essential.

@phuongdv Could we convert this into a feature request?
This is essential for me to make a purchase.

Hi systemnova,

We’ll consider about this feature.
But you can use question pool as a workaround. You need to create a pool of likert questions that have their answers shuffled, and insert a random slide that links to this pool.
For more information, you can see this tutorial:


Unfortunately the question pool option doesn’t work for this usecase.
Is it possible to pay to prioritise feature requests?

Hi Jesse,

We’ll prioritise this feature if there are more user requests.