Show correct answer

Is it possible to show the correct answers when submitting a question?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.0

OS: windows 7



Definitely yes, you can add an action to your Submit button to show other objects which provide answers or detailed explanations.

You can take a look at this tutorial:

You can also add actions to events such as “On Correct”, “On Incorrect”,… so that you can choose to show anwsers when the viewer made a correct or incorrect answer.


Thank you for your answer, but it seems to me that this does not correspond to what I wish.
For example: if I answer a multiple-answer question and make a mistake. How to tell me where my mistake is by putting a red color for example. Another example with a drag and drop question, how can I keep the correct answers and remove the bad ones when submitting.


ActivePresenter allows showing, hiding any objects and many other actions that you can add to events, so you can do that in many ways which you can think of.
I guess what you want to achieve is similar to the quiz section in below sample:

Please navigate to slide 12 to see the quiz.
If that’s what you want then you can download the sample project there and see how we’ve done it.