Show and Hide element issue

A few issues I am facing while trying to present 3 info boxes for Nav 1, 2 and 3:

  • When you moust moves from Nav 1 in horizontal line right to Nav 2 and continues to Nav 3 – all the info boxes show up at same time
  • Info boxes often don’t disappear when Mouse is no longer hovering on the object
  • If you move the mouse around a bit you will see its possible that when the mouse is directly over the Text, the info box does not show

Show and Hide element.saolapack (3.1 KB)

Firstly, you may need mouse enter rather than mouse over as the latter is triggered on child elements as well and can cause unexpected behaviour.

Secondly, you only have a single event handler that triggers when the mouse moves onto the element, if you want it to toggle, you’ll need another event to occur when the mouse moves off the element - probably ‘mouse leave’.

The help file explains the events.

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Works perfect. Thanks!!