Shift + shape not working anymore

With the new version holding shift key and drawing an oval shape doesn’t work. It used to create perfect oval shape in 8 version like photoshop. I think it’s a bug.

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10



Holding SHIFT and drawing any shape will create a perfect shape of that type. It should work fine in both version 8 and version 9.
Can you please send us a video demonstrating the issue that you’re encountering?

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I uploaded a new video. Colors are washed out, I couldn’t figure out why but I showed the cursor this time. And you can see the keys pressed on the right bottom.


Thank you for sending the video. We have acknowledged and fixed the issue about Shift + drawing already. Please stay tuned for the next update that includes the fix of this problem.

Regarding the color issue, do you use ActivePresenter or another app to record the video? If it’s ActivePresenter, please share the complete log of it to so we can check.
To view the log, in Start Page, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.


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