Setting default shape, texts of hints and messages

in new version of Active Presenter 7.2.3 I am not able to set default font and text color of hints.

When I changed text parametres in shape (font, colour, size) and use option “Set as default Shape”, the change is only in shape type, but not in text inside:


after using “Set as default shape”:


So e.g. when I choose black colour text in bubble and yellow colour of shape, after using “Set as default Shape” the colour of all bubbles was changed to yellow, but the colour of text is white.

P.S. In previous version (6.1.x) I was able to preset all this parametres before capturing (for all next projects) - like default type shape, default (in)correct messages, default highlight in cursors path etc.

In new version I have to capture all necessary slides first - and after that I am able to set default shape type, colour of hints and messages and choose “Apply to All shape objects”.
It seems to me a bit uncomfortable.

Thank you for your response.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.3

OS: Windows 10


Can you please try selecting the shape (don’t click to edit text), then select text color before setting it as default to see if it can resolve the issue or not?



yes this way was successful.

Am I able to preset shape type / font parametres / (in)correct messages / cursor path highlights etc. before capturing screens?

It would be fine to preset these parametres in “Recording Settings for Software Simulation” - where now can I check e.g. Annotation, Mouse Click Interaction etc. (on Annotation bookmark).

I would like to create template in our language, which can be used as initial for all future projects.
Using menu “Active Presenter -> Preferences” I am able only to make lokalization for Auto Annotation Text". But e.g. text for (in)correct message I am not able to preset here.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, please take a look at this tutorial:


Thank you for sent link to manual, I hope it will be helpful.

But I prefer the way to set some general settings before capturing screens on one place.
E.g. set localization text for (in)correct message before capturing.

Your manual describe only way, that I have to make first project in English language, after that set all necessary objects manually (like shape parametres), use “Set as default” etc. It takes a lot of time.

If I could set most of these parametres (I think, that in previous versions it was available) before capturing, that would be perfect.

Using menu “Active Presenter > Preferences” I am able to preset Auto Annotation Text.
But translation for (in)correct message I have to set after finishing capturing, choosing concrete type (Correct, Incorrect, Hover) and after that “Set as Default Shape” (for all types of messages individually) and “Apply to All Shape Objects”, when I need translations for all slides:

It means, that I need to do 6 steps for settings / translation only (in)correct messages.
If I will be able to preset “translation text” & other parametres on one settings Tab (before capturing), it would be more user-friendly.

Take it as a suggestion for improving an otherwise great product :slight_smile:


I’ve found older manual, how to set some parametres in old version:

On the second picture you can see, that it was able to preset e.g. cursor highlight on one customization tab:

I miss this function in new version…


I miss having the Annotation formatting tab in the Preferences dialog too. Are there any plans to bring that functionality back?

Thanks much,

ActivePresenter 7 has a new design which is based on templates and themes so these settings are not necessary anymore. That’s why they were removed.

You can create a template with all the designed settings, formats and use it for creating new project or for recording new video.
Please take a look at below tutorials for creating and using templates:

We’ll write a tutorial for this particular use-case soon.


Thank you very much for your very helpful response, Dan.

All the best,

Hello everyone,

The preferences feature in AP 6 enabled us users to set our prefered annotations and then at each capture those said annotations were used.

With AP7 I have to record my simulation and then add what ever annotations I want at each slide? Is this the case?

Is there a way for my default annotations to be loaded every time I wanna record a simulation? Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Panosilio,

In ActivePresenter 7, you can set default style to annotations by using “Set as default Shape”. After customzing style to annotation as your desire, you can set it to default shape to use when capturing simulation.

For correct/incorrect message, you can set default style for them by the same way, just customize them and then right-click and choose “Set to Default Correct/Incorrect message”.

Please see attached screenshots for more details:

Set%20as%20default%20incorrect%20message Set%20as%20default%20shape