Session variable

I would like to set the userid-cookie equal to a session-variable (that I give a user-id-value of my own system)

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter 8

OS: Windows (10)

Notes: in the window Properties->Event, I tried the following, but unsuccesful:
var userID = sessionStorage.getItem(‘email’);
$.cookie(‘userid’, userID);


To access the ActivePresenter variables in the content, please use the following syntax:

For getting value:
var value = prez.variable('variable_name');
For setting value:
prez.variable('variable_name', value);

You can take a look at pages 254-267 in User Manual for detail.


Thanks for the answer.
However, the problem is a little bit different.
This is the situation; I open the url … tutorial.html, but all the session-variables that I stored before calling the url, seem to be lost (checked upon by Chrome-tools-for-developers).
Thanks for checking/searching a solution.

Hi Filip,

sessionStorage doesn’t share between browser tabs, please use localStorage or another method to pass data to the tutorial.html tab.