Scroll bar no longer works

It’s driving me nuts that the scroll bar no longer works underneath the timeline. The only way to move around now is to use the marker on the timeline. That’s really not cool.


That is weird. Please try with another project to see if it works or not?


It doesn’t matter which project I use. Most of the time I can not move down the timeline with the scroll bar, only the marker. It seems kind of random when I can use the scroll bar and when I can’t.

Hi Rebekah,

I found that Shift + mouse wheel doesn’t scroll the timeline correctly. We’ll try to fix it in future release.
If it’s not your case, please provide the following information for further checking:

  • Does the issue occur when dragging the scrollbar, or using the mouse wheel button?
  • Does it occur with horizontal or vertical scroll?
  • A screenshot, or better, a short video of the issue.