Scripting, Question, Check for completion

Dear support,
I have 3 different questions on a slide and I want to find out if one of the questions is “incomplete”.
I wonder if there is a method or a flag in your JS-API that allows my script to access this information?
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Windows 10


Hi Luger,

You can use three ActivePresenter variables ( How to Add Variables in eLearning - Atomi Systems, Inc.) and update their values in On Correct, On Incorrect, On Incomplete events. If their values are equal the initial values, that means the questions are not answered.

For a large number of questions, you can use prez.reportData() in script. Please take a look at pages 293, 294 in User Manual for the detailed format.


Thank you, Dao.

​​​Would you recomment using reportData() or using variables?
The JS-object in reportData contains only this information but no boolean value for incomplete:
Result: "Unvollständig"
​​​Using variables works fine, but I fear that moving or copying slides from one presentation to an other one causes problems.
Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

An incomplete question doesn’t appear in the report data (Details array property of the report data object doesn’t contain a report for an incomplete question).
For a correct/incorrect question, the Result value is a translated text for Correct/Incorrect respectively. There’s no boolean value, unfortunately.

In my opinion, you should use reportData() if there are many questions in your project, and you have experience with JavaScript. Otherwise you should use variables.


Dear Toan,
if I submit the questions (4 + 1) in my slide, it seems that they all appear under “details” although they are incomplete:

In the example above question A1-1 is complete and correct. All other questions are incomplete.

Also I found that “LearnerResponse” does not always contain a value even if the user added some kind of response. For example in a Hot-Spot question “LearnerResponse” seems to be always empty even if I click on the image.

I’m sorry, Details may not contain data for questions that are not submitted yet.
For the learner response property of a Hotspot question, we’ll check and fix it. Thank you for reporting.


Dear Toan,
my idea was to first evaluate 4 questions on my slide via JS and then go through reportData to descide if the whole slide is completed and correct/incorrect. Based on the results, my script uses question 5 to store the final status of the slide. Do you think that this is feasable?
Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

ActivePresenter doesn’t have a success status or score for a slide.
You can use event-actions and scripts to show slide feedback messages to your users, but the report data still contains only results for interactions like questions, text entries…
For example, there will be 5 questions in the report in your case.
You can set your first 4 questions to have no report (by clearing Report ID check box in Properties > Score & Reporting), but the report for those question will be removed from prez.reportData() too. So you must evaluate them manually as you asked in another thread (Questions, advanced scripting - #5 by ToanLS)