Screecast video size

Problem: Is there a way to reduce the size of videos of screencasts after they have been recorded? Thanks, Rolf

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Win10


Hi Rolf,

The video output file size depends on many factors such as resolution, frame rate, quality, and the length of video… You can take a look at this article for details:

The common solution is selecting lower quality and frame rate values.

You may also want to know the option to reduce the project size. In that case, you just need to select ActivePresenter > Project > Shrink, check Delete All Unused Resources then click OK.

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Thanks, Hang,

sorry, I did not make my use case clear.

I am preparing lectures with PPT that I screencast with AP AND I want these lectures to be interactive. So, I cannot export my project to video. I need to export it to HTML5 or LMS. Also, I would like to stick to the slides from my PPT. I know that in principle I can import to AP but this leads to changes in the slides which I would then all have to undo in AP.

It does not seem the case that AP provides (post-)recording options of the screencast where you can reduce resolution etc of the video, right?

If not, this would be a great feature to add to AP.



Hi Rolf,

Thank you for your information.

ActivePresenter allows you to reduce the screencast video resolution after recording by dragging the video handles on the Canvas or changing its width and height in the Properties pane. And change the slide size to fit the video size, too.

You can also adjust some settings in the “Export to HTML5” dialog to reduce the size of the HTML5 output such as reducing Video Quality, Audio Bit Rate, and select Details in the Embed Fonts section to choose the font that you want to embed if any. For more information, please take a look at this tutorial:


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