Scratchy voice in TTS (macOS, Azure TTS)

Problem: Sound of Microsoft Azure TTS is scratchy/noisy in Atomi 9 / MacBook Air macOS12.6 Monterey

ActivePresenter version: 9.04

OS: macOS 12.6 Monterey

Notes: On same machine the version AP8.6 runs without problem. Surprisingly the file created and saved in version 8 plays perfectly (no problem with voice), but same file opened in version 9.04 the same recorded voice is played scratchy, noisy.


Could you please send us the project that has the problem (in version 8 format)? We will check and get back to you soon.



We have released an update of ActivePresenter 9 with your issue is fixed.
Please access the Help tab > Check Updates and experience more.

Best Regards,