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SCORM exit behaviour v.7.5.6

(our LMS is produced by the NHS Digital Solutions) when published to the LMS my Exit button did not close the eLearning package and return me to the LMS, I tried the following:

Created an Exit button and added on click End Presentation and Execute JavaScript code: window.close(); This did not work, the IE tab did not close and the LMS did not record completion.

I then did the above and added the JavaScript code to be: SCORM_CallLMSFinish(); this did not close the IE tab, but the LMS recorded the package as completed.

I have also tried parent.API.LMSFinish();

How can I end the eLearning package to close the IE tab and for the LMS to show completion?
Active Presenter 7.5.6


Please take a look at my answer at this thread ActivePresenter Scorm exit bahavior