Saving Project to Lower Version ie v8

I am currently using Version 9 of AP and my colleagues still uses Version 8, would it be possible to save it to lower version such as Version 8?

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It is not possible to save your project created by ActivePresenter 9 to ActivePresenter 8 or a lower version.
ActivePresenter just allows you to open a project created by the current or older version.
It means that you can use ActivePresenter 9 to open and work further with your colleague’s projects created in ActivePresenter 8.
To synchronize workflow and have better experiences, please tell your colleagues to update to the latest version of ActivePresenter :blush:

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I have a similar question so I figured I would use the same post.

I have a license for ActivePresenter 8 but accidently used the free version of ActivePresenter 9 to work on a project. How can I work on this project with my ActivePresenter 8 software ?

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Hi Henri,

Before saving the project working with ActivePresenter 9, a dialog will show up to remind and let users make sure that they go the right way.


So, in your case, there is no way to work on that project with ActivePresenter 8.
You can decide to create another project with ActivePresenter 8 from the scratch or upgrade to ActivePresenter 9.

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