Saving file issue

Hi. I seemed to have problems saving my files. I clicked CTRL-S and I noticed a white bar appeared briefly at the bottom of ActivePresenter. I thought my file has been saved… However, it didn’t. I looked up the timestamp from Windows Explorer and the timestamp hasn’t changed. If I close the file, all changes are lost.

I tried to save files by clicking Save As but got a warning message “You cannot give a project the same filename as an opening project. Please type a different filename.” I end up having many different files now and deleting the old ones.

Ideally, in windows, we save file with the same name by clicking CTRL-S. Is it a setting I should change somewhere in the application?


Can you please tell doesn’t issue happen with every project or just a specific one? Sometimes, you need to click on the center window to activate the hotkey. It is a known issue and we are trying to fix this.