Saving as an .mpg file?

I’ve just saved my first .approj file, but I would like to change the name, or rather save it as a copy to another name. I don’t see any way to do that.

I tried copying the file in windows explorer to a new filename, but when trying to open the copied file, Active Presenter said it could not find a .wav file and would not open the file.

Can I save a new file as anything other than .approj? Like .mpg?

Can I open a .approj file on anything other than Active Presenter?


Please find my answer below:

  1. Please take a look at this video to get quick steps to change your project name:

  2. This issue happens when you just copy the file without its resource folder.
    As you may know, ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files. When copying, moving, or renaming a project file, please make sure to copy, move, or rename its data folder (if any) accordingly.

  3. It seems that you want to export your project to video.
    With ActivePresenter, you can export to videos with many formats.
    Check out this tutorials for detailed information:

  1. The .approj file can be open only in ActivePresenter.

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