Run WebObject with a button or use JavaScript?

Hello Team! I would like to run a specific url but without leaving my presentation, I know the WebObject feature. However, the WebObject feature runs through the timeline. I would like it to be triggered by a click of a button, like on / off or there is some JavaScrpt for this?
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You just need to right-click the Web Object and select Initially Hidden, then add an action to show the Web Object in the On Click event of the button.


Hi Dao! Thank you for answering!
So, even in the hidden state, the script, or any other, runs normally. What I would like was for him to be tracked via the button. If that is not possible, would you have another solution,
via prez. etc.? … Here is an example attached.

test_activeted_webobject_with_button.approj (756 KB)

Please check the updated file.

test_activeted_webobject_with_button_updated.approj (756 KB)


Dao! Thank you very much for your promptness and help me! You were great! My best regards!

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