Rotate through multiple images on click

I have an image. I set 3 object states with 3 different photos. I’d like for the user to click the image and have it move to the next object state each time the image is clicked.

For example:
first image displayed/clicked - show 2nd image
2nd image shown/clicked - show 3rd image
3rd image shown/clicked - go back to first image

I imagine there’s a way to do it with a variable for the image number and javascript, but just wondering if there’s a simple way that I’m not seeing.

I’ll have many slides that use this same technique, so if it could be generically applied to different slides, that would be great.

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Win 10


Never mind. I just created 3 circle shapes below the image to show the different states on hovering each shape. Works fine that way.

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