Rotate object (simulate altimetry hand rotation)

Problem: How to animate a hand around a specific point (doesn’t have to be a center)

Saola Animate version: latest trial


I’m looking for a SW which could be used in our company for animations. I’m not the animation expert (I’m rather a javascript developer). I found out from the manual and videos how to move object from position A to B, how to rotate a car wheel (infinitive rotation) is converted to the symbol but I still can’t see a rotate button in my case. I tried rotate object around X or Y axis but my line (in the future it should be an altimetry hand with rotation point in 1/3 of its length). I’d be happy for any tip how to make described animation.


I found the solution. It should be Z axis for rotation but I can’t find how to change a rotation position.

Hi Mojimo,

To change a rotation position, please change your Origin X and Y.
You can refer to this tutorial to know more about Origin X and Y in the first section of the tutorial:

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It works. I though I could just drag and drop rotation point. But XY% works as well.
Thanks for the link and solution.

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