Revert Active Presenter 8 project files BACK TO Active Presenter 7

Hi Atomi community,

I have upgraded to Active presenter 8 this morning, after doing so I opened and saved all my ActivePresenter 7 project files as Active presenter 8 projects.

The problem we are having is Active Presenter 8 is still quite buggy, and keeps crashing.

Is it possible to revert the project files back to the ActivePresenter 7 format, in their new format they won’t open in Active Presenter 7?

Any help would be amazing.
Kind regards.

Hi Nicholas,

It’s not possible to revert version 8 projects back to version 7 projects.
But we’re going to release an update for version 8 in a few more days.
Can you please be more specific about bugs you encountered so that we can check and fix them soon?



Thanks for the response - I have asked a few people on our team the specific Issues they have faced.

1.) I was editing slides and saved almost every change as I went. I also had a Sim open on the other screen checking what didn’t look correct and editing as I went. Active Presenter just closed completely and I got an error message box where I could say what I was doing just before it crashed.

2.) Sudden crashes (No crash report). Autosave files were available, but still lost a chunk of progress. 3x times within the hour.

Cursor changes. Stop duration had disappeared completely from sims. When the stop duration was added, the cursor still wasn’t functioning properly. The only fix was to delete the entire slide and reintroduce everything piece by piece.

3.) I am having to go back and format almost all of my text boxes as they now look untidy and unformatted.

any help would be appreciated.


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your information.

  1. We have just sent an email for asking your help in checking the issue with a temporary version.
  2. Can you please share a project which has the stop duration issue so we can check?
  3. Can you please provide a screenshot for comparision so we can understand the problem exactly?


All the project files seem to fail.
I’ll see if I can send an example project.

Here is a recent error I just had, a colleague edited a sim for me on his windows machine and it won’t open on my mac, both using active presenter 8.

ActivePresenter requires the write permission at the project location to open the file. Please check if it is this case or not. It maybe also a network file transfer problem which makes the project corrupted. Can you still open other files?


I’ve just opened the same project from yesterday and formatting and timing have gone a bit haywire on some slides. then it crashed as I was trying to fix the formatting etc.

I still haven’t got permission to send the project files over, due to security issues around data


Hi Nicholas,

We’ve released version 8.0.1 that fixes some issues.
Please update and check if it works.

If your issues still persist, please let us know as clear as possible so that we can check them.
For a crash issue, please send a crash report (with the email address field filled by your email).
For a formatting issue, please share screenshots of the issue, and the project if it’s possible.
Projects should be sent to instead of sharing it publicly here.