Return to Slide and Show Object

Problem: I have 4 objects on a slide that act as a menu. , when you select an object, you are branched to a new slide. the object you have select, changes state to show that it was selected. When I return to the menu, I would like a check mark to also show next to the viewed object. I have tried adding variables, and conditions, but I can not get the check mark to show.

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.0

OS: Windows 10


Hi Josh,

You can use object state as in this sample: menu state.approj (240 KB)

The check mark has two states: one is filled with a check mark image, the other is filled with a blank image.
You need to set the blank state as the default one, and change to the check mark state when the menu is clicked.


Thanks! That worked perfectly.