Resume half done presentation xAPI

Problem: Hi! I uploaded a presentation to my LMS and the presentation does not resume where the student was when he stopped. I can see that he attempted slide 1 and 2, for instance, but when he comes back to the presentation, he needs to start over from slide 1 again. Where is the option to let the student continu where he was?

Maybe related : if the student answered 2 questions out of 4 and stop the presentation, should the system received a partial score? In my testing, the scoring happens at the end only.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.1

OS: win 10

Hi Simon,

We have tested with some LMS and found no problems.
You can try uploading the content to for testing. If it works, the issue may be caused by LMS.
Otherwise, please share the project to so that we can check.
If the project file is large, you can upload it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive and share the link.


Thank you for cloud.scorm. Did not know the site. I found out that I need the player for the resume function to work. If my prensentation dont have a player (I created my own Next button), the presentation dont resume. But, if I use the built in player, it works.

Hi Simon,

Can you please clarify the term “my presentation don’t have a player”? Does it mean that your presentation not show the player toolbar?
But the fact is the player toolbar doesn’t affect to presentation resume.

To assistance you better, just share your project with our email address so we can check.


The player is hidden. So the participant can’t use play/pause ou exit the presentation with player buttons. I sent you my project.


Thanks for sharing the project.

After checking it, we found that the specified pass/fail condition is incorrect.
Therefore, the status (pass/fail) of the participants isn’t correct.
To overcome the issue, you can choose another option, for example, the Percents of correct answers option.


In addition, the score is only updated when the presentation is ended or the tab is closed.


thank you! I’ll check that