Result integration into confluence

Hi, the outcome of our active presenter result (user guide, presentation, recording,… can this be integrated in confluece as a central databank for our userss

Hi Robbie,

This depends on whether Confluence supports the formats of your exported outputs.

As you might know, ActivePresenter helps you create interactive eLearning courses/ presentations, record screen (as videos and software simulation), and edit recorded content (images, videos, slides,…).

Then, you can export the project to different formats:

  • Media: Video, Image
  • Document: PDF, PPT, Word, Excel
  • eLearning: HTML5, SCORM, xAPI

You can read more details in our link here: ActivePresenter 8 Output Formats Overview - Atomi Systems, Inc.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Quynh Anh

thx for your answer. how can we solve this over scorm or xapi

it is important that we can integrate confluence in this all


Hi Robbie,

To be honest, we do not have much experience with Confluence.

In the previous response, I have sent you the tutorial link including how to export your project to SCORM and xAPI package.
You can take a look at them again and try from your side:

Feel free to experience the free trial of ActivePresenter with no restriction in time and functionality by downloading it here: Download ActivePresenter - eLearning Authoring Tool, Screen Recorder, and Video Editor

Quynh Anh