Responsive Project Vertical

Hello, I want to create a responsive project. But there is a problem, I only want the application to run vertically. Is this possible?


I’m looking for the answer to this question too, can you help me?


Hi @eyyup_dogan and @emrahdirek,

Please describe what you want with detailed information so we can assist you better.


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Thanks for the answer @PhuongThuy_Le . I’m going to create a project for mobile devices. But I want my application to run vertically only. I’m using a responsive project, but is there a way to make it work vertically only? Content looks distorted when viewed horizontally. So I only want it to run vertically. Even if it is opened from a smartphone, tablet or computer, I only want it to work vertically. Is this possible?

Hi again,

We got your idea. Thank you.
Next time, please try explaining everything from the beginning like this so we can understand comprehensively.

Here is a sample project for you:
vertical.approj (944 KB)

The script is placed in the project On Load event (click the ActivePresenter button > Project > Properties).

Hope that it addresses your concern.


Thank you very much @PhuongThuy_Le . It was really exactly what I needed. :slight_smile:

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