Reporting on specified slides - not all

Problem: I have an ActivePresenter presentation consisting of 50 slides the first 47 are Recorded Software Simulation the last three are True / False questions, is it possible to only Report on the final 3 slides ‘True/False’ questions and not the entire presentation?

ActivePresenter Version: ActivePresenter Pro Edition Version 7.5.11

OS: Windows 10 Business Edition


Hi Tom,

Yes, you can select interactions (Mouse Click, Key Stroke, Text Box) in recorded slides, clear their Report ID check box in Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Score & Reporting section to remove them from the report.

After clear Report ID checkbox, you can set these interactions as default ones so that they’ll be removed from the report in new projects:


Hi Toan

Thanks you for the reply. I’ve now set up a template as per your instruction for future use. I also managed to workout how to remove the Report Id but I had to do it individually for each of the 47 slide. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks again - very much appreciated.


Unfortunately, to remove the report id of interactions in an existing project, you must do it individually for each interaction :disappointed_relieved: