Report via HTTP, port change and feedback


the report for interactive questions is sent to the selected IP via port 80. Is there any chance to change the port number?
Also, when sending the actual report at the end of the HTML5 I get a message telling me the report is getting sent in my web browser. I also identify the report is sent and received completely on my fileserver. The message telling the report is getting sent however stays. So from looking at the webbrowser you cannot tell if sending is complete. What must be done to get some feedback to the webbrowser?


Changing port must be done in server side, after that please update the report address when exporting to HTML5.

Regarding the feedback, it should work properly if the report handling script and the HTML5 have the same origin, or the report handling script is configured to allow cross-origin access. So please use the same domain, port and protocol for them and check this issue again.