Replace slide while keeping objects

We’re in the process of testing ActivePresenter, to see if it fits our purpose, and have an initial question: Is it possible to replace one or more/all slides while keeping all the objects (cursor paths, shapes and mouse clicks) ?

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.4 - 64-bit build
OS: Win 10


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly.
Do you mean that you want to change the background image, fill color, theme, etc?
If yes, these tutorials can help you:

If not, could you give us more details about replacing slides while keeping all objects?


Hi Quynh,
Thank you for the fast response - and I’m sorry for being unclear :slight_smile: We trying to see if we can use your tool for some short user guides for an App that we’re doing. The App has custom content and color theme for each of the customers - so cursor paths, shapes and mouse clicks are all shared, but the background video shots (slides) are different. So I’m looking for a way to replace the slides, but keep all the other layers ?

Hi MikMak,

You can use the Replace Slide Backgrounds feature from ActivePresenter menu > Project > Localize for your purpose.
For details, please see “Replace Slide Backgrounds” section in this tutorial:


Thats looks interesting - thank you. We will try this procedure :slight_smile: