Replace default mouse click sound

Could you please replace the default mouse click sound within ActiverPresenter.
It is downright horrible to listen at while watching a recording.
The few advantages of a mouse-click audio cue goes downs the drain the moment you hear that awful sound effect.

I do not want to sound dis-respectful or hurtful in any way. I think ActivePresenter is one the most powerful screencast recording tools there is. But it always bugged me the moment I listened to a recording with the default mouse click effect.

I know you can replace the mouse click effect, but if the default mouse click effect could be replaced like in the example I attached (zipped .mp4 3 second recording) I (and I think other users) would really appreciate it. (30.9 KB)

You can change the mouse click sound by clicking on the video then going to Cursor effects then next to Click sound Click on the drop down arrow, then you can choose any sound you want for the cursor.

This link has a video, I think they show it but I didn’t watch the whole video.