Removing object Text Selection for Accessibility in bulk


How can I disable Text Selection under Accessibility for all the objects in the entire project in bulk?

Or say, is there anyway to make Text Selection option un-checked by default under Accessibility for all objects?

I am importing slides in Active Presenter and its so much manual task to un-check each object with text for ‘Text Selection’ accessibility. A bulk operation or some java script command at the project property level would be really helpful.



You can consider following the performances below to see if it helps.
First, deselect the Text Selection option for all objects in the Object Settings. (View tab > Object Settings > select an object from the left pane > Properties pane > Size & Properties > Accessibility section > deselect Text Selection).

This written tutorial and the video tutorial inside it will give you useful information:

After that, save your current project as a custom theme: How to Use Custom Themes in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
And use this theme to create later projects.

This way, you do not need to manually uncheck the option for each imported object.

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Hey Thanks. Let me try that.

I am going to remove all the text selection from all objects manually in one of the projects and save that theme.
Then after importing another project (power point slides) and apply the saved theme.
Let see if this works.

Hello @PhuongThuy_Le,

As suspected, this solution didn’t work.

I removed ‘Text Selection’ for accessibility from all the objects in one of the project and saved the theme. After uploading new PPT slides in a new project, I applied the saved theme but ‘Text Selection’ property didn’t change.

I guess this is linked to object properties and not project theme. And since I am uploading new slides with different objects, applying the theme changes slide properties like colour, font, etc but not object properties. Anyways thanks. Will be doing manually till we have an update where one can change this property at project level or if someone can java script that I can apply at project event level to achieve the end result.


The Text Selection option just be deselected for all objects in your saved theme before.
It means that if you create a new ActivePresenter project from the saved theme, then import this project into another one.
So, you can remain all the changed properties from the saved theme.
Unfortunately, if you import projects from Powerpoint, this feature is not supported.
And you should perform manually to achieve your goal.

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