Remove Text Override

Can you tell me what the Remove Text Override button is supposed to do?

I read the help and thought it meant it would remove in-line styles - but I can’t seem to make it do anything.

Hi Mackavi,

That button is used in responsive projects which have multiple layouts. Once clicked, the inline text of the element in the current layout will be set to the same text as in the base layout (if you’re editing the base layout, the text in all layouts will be the same).
For example, there’s an element with “Sample text” in a project that contains two layouts (mobile and desktop). You changed the text in the mobile layout to “Sample text in mobile”. However, now you want to reset the text in the mobile layout, you can click the Remove Text Override button, the text will be reset to “Sample text”.


Thanks, I woulnd’t have worked that one out.

Can I suggest you set the button text to orange like all the other override labels when a property has changed in responsive mode.

Yes, we’ll try to update it to the same style as other properties.