Remove page flicker on load

Problem: Loading an exported page shows a white preloader screen before getting to the content proper. This is problematic because in my usage the page is unloaded and reloaded several times a minute, advancing through a content playlist.

Saola Animate version: Latest

OS: MacOS/Windows/Linux

Notes: I’ve kind of done a workaround using a static image on the preloader and a page fill, but it still has a momentary full screen flicker as the DOM is rebuilt by the saola framework when it loads. If there’s a way to export an HTML file with a pre-populated DOM, rather than relying on the JS to generate that DOM, that would make the load vanish entirely. I’m not familiar enough with exporting to know if that’s possible though.

Hi Feynt,

Can you please share a sample project package (File > Save As > Package) with the issue to so that we can check?