Remote deactivation

Problem:How to deactivate Active Presenter from my office computer remotely so I can use it on my home computer.

ActivePresenter Version: Just got the pro version

OS: Win 10 office, win 7 home


Hi Brad,

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the current version of ActivePresenter. You should do it directly on the computer that you install the program. You can also email to us at along with the product key so we can do it for you. However, there is some delay by using this way.


Jesus! This is really a nogo! I don’t have my computer with me, so now I have no chance to work at my projects? Actually I even don’t remember, on which computer it is activated! This is really annoying!


It seems that you’ve transferred your license to another computer successfully.
For the next time, you can email to if you can’t deactivate the license.