Redoing just test portion of presentation

I have a test for the learner at the end of the presentation and if they do not reach a set percentage I want them to be able to redo the test portion. I have set up a button to clear user input (advanced actions) and go to the start of the test, but the users answers are still there and the question is greyed out.

Any Ideas???


You should use Restart Presentation action instead.


Nam, tried that but it goes to the very first slide. I want it to only go back to the start of the quiz, which is about half way through.HelpReq.approj (4.0 MB)


I’ve looked at your project. It seems that you only want users to retake the quiz but keep other information inputted before (user name, email…). To do that, you should combine Restart Presentation, Go to Slide Index action and JavaScript code. The idea is we will backup unchanged information before restarting presentation, after that, we restore the previous data then go to quiz slide.

I attach a sample here, please take a look.

QuizSample.approj (472 KB)

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Nam, your the man. That is exactly what I needed.