Recovering recording after disk space issue

Hi, I was recording and my disk got full, so ActivePresenter crashed.
I noticed that there is a tempdir that contains 2 wav files and 1 mkv file.

How can I resume exporting to video from those temp files and then recover my recording?

Thank you


You can use ActivePresenter to open video file (use the Open tool in Start Page), then insert the audio into the created project.


Thank you for your quick reply, Please see screenshot. Is that what you meant? There is no project to open/created after the crash…

Please let me know, thank you.


You’re using ActivePresenter 6 which cannot open the video files directly via Open dialog.
In this case, you need to create a blank project (with the same resolution with your recorded video) first, then drag&drop your video file onto the canvas to import it, and then drag & drop the audio file.

With ActivePresenter 7, a new project will be created automatically when you open a video file.


Hi, thank you, I have upgraded to ActivePresenter 7.

I have imported the video file from the temp dir as you suggested, then I drag & drop the audio files.
After the export process I get the mp4 file but when I play it I see the first seconds only and then I get a white screen and I only hear the audio…

What am I doing wrong?


Unfortunately, it seems that the video file was corrupted and ActivePresenter can not recover it.



I also encountered the situation whereby my laptop storage was running low while the desktop recording was in progress (i left it to record a 3 hours online lecture overnight). The ActivePresenter program appeared to have stopped running by the time I saw the storage low message given by Windows.

When I relaunched ActivePresenter, it asked if I wanted to recover the previous project, which I than chose yes, but there was no recording in the project. Nor are there any files other than the project file in the Document/ActivePresenter folder.

May I know where the video might be temporarily stored at? My storage is running low, but I cannot locate where this video is. I was hoping to delete it and re-do the recording. It probably recorded 3 hours of lecture and over 4 hours of nothing.

Hope you could shed some light on this. Thank you.

Chi Wai

Hi Chi,
If you’re using ActivePresenter 7 then you can look into the cached folder where ActivePresenter store cached project to see if there’s any audio and video files in there.

Note that “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” is a hidden folder so you might need to turn “Show Hidden Files” option on to see it.

If there are video files then you can copy them to another folder and open with ActivePresenter for editing.


Hi Dangle,

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked (with “Show Hidden Files” turned on) and there is no “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” folder at the location where you suggested. What else can I do?

I am using ActivePresenter 7 by the way.

Chi Wai

If there’s no such folder then unfortunately there’s no backup to recover in this case.


I opened the cached folder and found the video i had recorded but while trying to open it via media player it opens without audio , and the audio file in this folder (WAV format) can not be opened or imported in project.
I imported the video into new project and after 15 minutes of loading the video displayed as 1s duration (knowing that its actual duration is 2hrs).
Help me as much as you can PLEASE!

Hi Mohamed,

I have just answered you in this thread: Storage disk issue.
Please check it out!


hello I was recording my gaming for about three hours and I forgot what the stop recording video button. and now I cant find my recording. I have model8

Hi Sunday_Gamer,

You may find your recorded audio and video files in the following folders:
Note that .ActivePresenterCachedProjects is a hidden folder so you might need to turn “Show Hidden Files” option on to see it.

If you find audio/video files in that folder, you can copy them to another folder, open the video with ActivePresenter to create a project, and insert the audio to that project. If the video duration is zero, please see this thread: Storage disk issue


After crashing my videos in active presenter I got it back by seeing ur answers I found my audio and video back and used handbrake to get my video but it should include audio too how to get both simultaneously