Recording narration

Hello! I’m new to Active Presenter. So far, I’ve had good results.

When I record narration, unfortunately it picks up the mouse click when I stop recording. Is there any way I can fix this?

Is the audio stored inside the APPROJ file or somewhere else? If it’s accessible somewhere else, I can just edit it with Audacity. I couldn’t find it on my computer, though.

Hi Paul,

After recording narration, you can immediately edit it in ActivePresenter. You can remove the unwanted part of your audio object by Delete Range tool in the Timeline pane.

You can refer this link to know how edit recorded video (and also audio):


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In ActivePresenter, if the resource file is not too big it will be stored inside the project (.APPROJ file). You can export it to your computer by right-clicking the object > Export To File.

You can go to the Preferences > Miscellaneous > in Save external resource section you can see when the resources you use are greater than 50mb (by default), the resources will be saved as external resource.

However, you can edit things right inside ActivePresenter.


Thanks, this is really helpful!

I ran into one more thing with the audio. After making a presentation, I copied my APPROJ file to use as a template for my next one. After deleting all the unused audio in the audio properties, the file size did not get smaller. I think although the audio is no longer listed, the data is still be used in the file. I wonder if there’s a way to clean this up.

You can click on ActivePresenter menu, select Project > Shrink… to shrink a project file.
Select “Delete All Unused Resources” option and click Shrink.


Wonderful! Atomi did a nice job with this program.

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