Recording from screen has scratchy soundtrack

When I record this vid OM Chanting @417 Hz | Removes All Negative Blocks - YouTube using ActivePresenter I get a noisy soundtrack, randomly spaced scratchy sounds. When I record the sound track using Audacity it’s fine.

Note: I’ve used AP a lot and this is the first time I’ve seen or noticed this problem.



It would be helpful if you can share project having the issue and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to so that we can check.
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the download link to us.
Also, could you please clarify which part of the soundtrack contains noise or scratchy sounds?


In response to a request for a sample file I exported the recorded video to an mp4 file, and to my surprise the sound on the exported file did not have the scratchy sound.

So, I decided to record AP playing the file with the scratchy sound using Audacity. I minimized AP and played the file … there was no scratchy sound, I fiddled with the volume control, the scratchy sound returned. I stopped the playback.

I returned AP to fullscreen and played the file. The sound was scratchy. I minimized AP and played the file. The sound was OK.

My tentative conclusion is that this is a local problem with my computer. In any case, the exported file doesn’t have the scratchy sound, so it’s not a big deal for me.

If this is a problem you’ve seen before I’ll be happy to collect more data.

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