Record Video vs Software Simulation

Problem: I have a user that created a large software simulation. However, it appears that during parts of the simulation, she must have done a “Record Video” instead of “Record software simulation.” Parts of the slideshow show a filmstrip rather than the gears I see during the regular slides.

Is there any way to convert these videos into software simulation, or will she have to re-record these as a software simulation?

Edit: I talked with the end user and she is very insistent that she did not “switch” at some point, and that the entire simulation was completed under “record software simulation,” but at some point in the slides you can see that it switched from recording a software simulation to recording video. It happens multiple times during the recording sessions, and then it switches back. What could be the cause of this? A hotkey? A bug?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2

OS: Windows 10

Hi Conine,

By design, ActivePresenter automatically switches to Full Motion Recording mode (Record Video) in following cases:

  • Pressing the F9 key on Keyboard. You need to press F10 to switch back to the Software Simulation mode. You can configure these hotkeys as described in the last section of this tutorial:
  • Mouse dragging starts, it will switch back to the Software Simulation mode when releasing the mouse.
  • Mouse scrolling starts, it will switch back to the Software Simulation mode in the next mouse click.

If your screen is large enough and you are only recording a part of screen, please select the Show Recording Toolbar option to monitor the recording mode:

Regarding to the first question:

There is no quick way to convert videos to software simulation. In the case you still want to do that, please follow below steps:

  • In Timeline, move the playhead from 0 ms and notice the change of video frame in Canvas, stop at the position that you want to create a slide, then click the Split Slide tool in Timeline.
  • Select the first created slide, select the video inside it and right-click, select Merge Into Background.
  • Insert interactions and cursor path if necessary.
  • Repeat above steps for the second slide.


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