Record software simulation(not working?)

I’m pretty new to this forum and created some some “software simulations” in the past.
As most of my recordings loop over multiple applications (mainly 1 application + browser for authentication,…) I can’t stick to 1 single application for recording and therefore record the complete screen, registering ALL clicks in ALL different applications.

This approach seemed to be working until latest updates. Now it only registers the clicks in 1 single application. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Seems like a bug in the program…


Maybe the target application has the higher privilege so ActivePresenter could not get information from it. Can you please try running ActivePresenter as Administrator to see if it helps?


That did the trick indeed. However it is very strange as I suspected ActivePresenter just to register the clicks while taking some sort of “screencap” of the active window/application.

i’ll keep this in mind for the future.

It is also quite odd as it works perfectly to register clicks through a remote desktop (with super-admin priveledges) while clicking through a server-application… no clue why that gets registered and a local backup-application (on the laptop itself) not…

The registering process requires user’s confirmation when starting up the program. Users can run ActivePresenter for different use cases and recording simulation with admin privilege is not a common one, so we don’t implement it as default.

I am not sure about the second question. The remote desktop window runs on your local machine and it doesn’t require admin privilege so it should work. ActivePresenter doesn’t understand the content inside the remote desktop window.