Record in Free Edition, Edit and Publish in Standard or Pro Edition

I have subject matter experts that might need to record a software demo once a year. Rather than buy a license and have to share it between multiple people, would I be able to have them record using the free edition and then me and my team could use the Standard or Pro edition to make edits and publish. It seems like it would work but want to check before I commit.

ActivePresenter Version:



Unfortunately, that’s not legal according to the current license terms.

However, if you purchase ActivePresenter licenses under your company then the license can be assigned to SMEs when they need to record software demo and then transfer back to you or your team for further editing & exporting.
Moving license between computers requires only a few mouse clicks and an internet connection.

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Thank you for asking/answering this, I may have a similar situation, and this response has been very helpful.

You decide what is “legal”. It is a need no one else is meeting. Rather than just dismissing us, maybe you should consider a way that meets the needs of the customer. It would be a way to make yourselves stand out. Just imagine double or tripling your sales.