Re-starting a Quiz is User Fails

Problem: I have setup a multiple choice quiz with 6 questions. I have set the attempts value to 1. When I export the file I have set the pass rate to 80% (I am loading the SCORM file into a LMS system). My last slide is a report telling the user whether they have passed or failed. Is there a way to make the course go back to the first slide of the quiz if the user fails. Thanks :slight_smile:

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.5

OS: Windows 10



Yes, you can make the course go back to the first slide of the quiz if the user fails as follows:

Step 1: Create a Restart button (In the Interactions tab > Button), then set its event-action (In the Properties pane > Events-Actions > Add the On Click event > Add the Restart Presentation action.
To make the Restart button show up when the user fails, right-click the Restart button > Initially Hidden.

Step 2: Set event-action for the Report Slide (In the Properties pane of the Report Slide > Events-Actions > Add the Show Object action to the On Load event > Click to edit > Choose the Restart button object and deselect the Hide After check box).

Step 3: Add condition to the Show Object action. (Click Add Condition > If apQuizPassedBool is equal to value false).

For more details, please refer to my sample project below:
Restart button.approj (592 KB)