RandomQuiz Making problem

i known this version have the option to make random slide questions… but i have to make to much slides and i need to make 200 questions… is a way to make all the questions just group in one random pool slide? the actual version can do this, but if i make 200 slides questions in a Pool, i have the 200 random slides showing in my project and all 200 show like random slide… is correct my perception?


Yes, in ActivePresenter, you can store all your questions in a pool. To open slide pools, click View > Slide Pools. For example, you cut 200 question slides then paste to the slide pools or right-click the question slides > Move Slide To Pool 1. Now you have a pool of 200 question slides.
Please note that if you want to randomize the order of n quiz questions, you need to insert n random slides. For instance, if you want to randomize the order of 200 questions as mentioned in the above example, you need to insert 200 random slides. If you insert fewer random slides than the number of slides in the pool, for example 10 random slides, only 10 out of 200 slides in the pool will be randomly chosen to display in the output.