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we need to change our LMS and create the existing content from the old LMS as scorm files for the new LMS, so we export about 4000 questions as CSV and import them into Active Presenter in a preparated style sheet. After import we have to set all evaluation parameter for each slide (= single question). For a handful questions we would do it manually, but for 4000… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Many topics have more than one level (Basic = Level 1, Advanced = Level 2), so there is often a pool of many questions. From these, for example 25 questions in the pool, 10 questions should then be chosen at random. I’ve seen your solution for randomly generated training, but the questions are loaded into a pool from scratch. How to Generate Random Questions with ActivePresenter 9

Is it possible, first to import the questions via CSV and then create a quiz with a certain number of questions? The whole thing should run as a scorm and also have a pass/fail option. Our final two slides are a fail page that takes you back to the first quiz page, and a pass page that ends the training and transfers the information to the LMS. I´ve add an example how it could look after import and set the evaluation parameter. Is it possible to choose here only 3 questions? Of cause the last one should be the same for each try, because here are the settings for pass or fail.

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Hi Oliver,

I appreciate your comprehensive description, and I confirm that it is indeed possible to create random questions by importing questions via CSV using ActivePresenter. Please follow these steps:

  1. Import the questions from a CSV file into ActivePresenter.
  2. Create different pools in Slide Pools to correspond to the desired levels.
  3. In the Slide pane, select the question slides and assign them to the appropriate pools by right-clicking the question slides, choosing “Move Slide To,” and selecting the desired pool.
  4. Insert the desired number of random slides in the Slide pane. For example, if you want your quiz to have three questions, add three random slides.
  5. Link the random slides to the appropriate pool in Slide Properties by selecting the random slides and choosing the suitable pool under “Linked Pool.”

I hope these steps help you in creating your quiz with ActivePresenter.

Below is the fixed project for your reference.

Kindly note that instead of creating new variables, you can use 2 preset variables in ActivePresenter: apQuizScore and apQuizScorePrecentage to check if the students answer correctly. You just add an action to go to the Pass slide like this to the slide right after the last random slide:
Furthermore, it’s important to note that including images with high resolutions in your project can potentially result in slow loading times for users. To avoid this issue, consider resizing the images to optimize their file size and improve overall browsing performance.
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Dear Hang,

I’m at a loss for words for this fantastic support. I understand and add a second pool. It works great.

Thanks so much a good and blessed day for you and the whole team. :man_student: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:


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